Sunday 9th August

Morning Connect

There will not be a Zoom service today, instead we have a 'watch at your convenience' YouTube service as long as that convenience is after 9am!

The Zoom room will be open still for 30mins for a hello and catchup   If you’re already on the Zoom App the Meeting ID is: 112 125 775, and the password: 249230.

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1:17 Kids Game Part 1
5:31 Mini Kids - Captain of the Storm
10:08 Jon West - Thoughts on Lazarus
16:58 Worship with Nick and George
37:57 Sara's message
46:07 Soak session Intro
46:46 Unshakeable Faith
53:09 Kids Game Part 2



[This is God speaking] “I thought to myself, ‘I would love to treat you as my own children!’  I wanted nothing more than to give you this beautiful land — the finest possession in the world.  I looked forward to your calling me ‘Father,’ and I wanted you never to turn from me. – Jeremiah 3:19 [NLT]


In the second chapter of the Bible God loses his kids because they wander off.  Did anyone else pack up all their stuff and “leave home” as a child?  And no doubt the reason why you left was because your parents were unreasonable, you doubted their good intentions towards you…  You got as far as the end of the garden right?  And your parents came out and coaxed you back home.  Well the first humans, Adam and Eve, went beyond the end of the garden.  They ran away from God’s authority – they would take care of themselves.  They were not physically lost, they are spiritually lost.  God, the parent, is pictured wandering through the garden calling out “where are you?” (Genesis 2:9).

This idea echoes through the pages of the Bible which tells the story of how God, as an estranged father, sets out to first find and then rebuild a relationship with his children who are spiritually lost.  Throughout the pages of the Bible God calls out “Where are you?  Are you ready to come home?”  God asked Jesus whether he would be willing to go and try to find his lost siblings.  God the Father pointed out to Jesus that it would cost him his human life, but Jesus agreed anyway and came to live as a human amongst us.

We are worshipping creatures and need to worship something.  On our travels away from God we had run up some pretty big spiritual debts.  We had all spent time worshipping at altars where the entrance was free and it all looked very inviting, but once we were hooked we discovered the true cost.  We legitimately owed spiritual currency to some pretty nasty powerful people.  And as we are unable to pay we would forfeit our lives.

At the moment of our most crippling debt Jesus agreed to step in and pay off our gambling debts in full.  He had no spiritual debts of his own to pay, but he agreed to give up his life in exchange for ours.

The great exchange was taking place:

Jesus was taking my debts so I could know freedom 

Jesus was taking my separation so that I could know his intimacy. 

He was taking my sin so that I could know his righteousness. 

He was taking my lostness so that I could know his homecoming rest. 

He was taking my death so I could have eternal life.  

The old sacrificial system from the Old Testament had come to an end with the costliest ever once-for-all offering.  To prove the point the temple curtain separating the presence of God from the people was torn in two from the top down - ripped by God himself.  A way was made back to intimacy with God for anyone who will trust in Jesus’ work on the cross.

The journey home is always via the cross.  Our previous life as spiritual nomads, worshipping at many altars ends at the cross.  Our purposelessness and restlessness end there too.  Our new life at home with God, the good and loving parent, enjoying the peace and rest for our souls starts there too.  The cross is the turning point….  The journey home takes us by way of the cross. 

Where are you?  Are you ready to come home?

Jesus gave up his life so you could have his.  Tell Jesus now in your heart that this is where you’ll meet him.  Accept that Jesus made a way by dying in your place to be reconciled to the Father.  Feel the Father’s embrace.  You’re Home….


Zoom Sunday…..

For Sunday at 10:30 the one click link is:   If you’re already on the Zoom App the Meeting ID is: 112 125 775, and the password: 249230.

Mini Kids Connect has a YouTube channel - 

All Stars Kids Club on

Youth is on Zoom from 7:00 pm – ask Heidi or Dom for login details.

Please email if you need more details about any of these activities.


Fasting and Prayer

Even though Lent has finished we have decided to continue with Wednesday as a day of fasting and prayer.  Prayer changes everything.  It is the most powerful thing available to us in lockdown.  Please pray for us all to be changed into the people and the nation that God desires.


 Keep in Touch

It’s important to keep in touch with each other and maintain community even if we can’t physically all meet together.  There is a Connect Facebook Group at and a Connect Page at which we can use for general banter and chat.



(Senior Pastor) 


Welcome to the website for Connect Church Chorleywood.   Connect Church is a Christian Church based in Chorleywood, West Hertfordshire.  We are an eclectic bunch of fairly normal people trying to work out what it means to live as charismatic followers of Jesus at the start of the third millenium. 

To get a feel for the church check out this link to a short film that was made for our tenth birthday party.... here

Connect Church exists to help us all grow into the people that God intends us to be... to help us fulfill our God given purpose... to help us on our own journey through life as a faithful disciple of Jesus.

We meet as church at St Clement Danes School in Chorleywood every Sunday morning at around 10:30am for tea & coffee and then start about 10.40am.   Have a look at the directions page to see exactly where to find us. We will be in the Barbirolli Hall.

There is lots going on at the Connect Church in Chorleywood, so do check out the rest of the website particularly the Get Involved and What's On pages.   Why not pop in and see us on a Sunday morning - we love to meet new people. 

You can also follow us on Facebook just click on the following link and join our Facebook group or check out the daily Bible verse on Twitter @ConnectChurchCW.


Kids Connect is our Sunday morning 'church' for children aged 3 to 10 years old.  Our vision is to see children connecting with Jesus in a powerful and real way, and to connect and build friendships with each other.  We aim to provide a fun, safe environment to learn what true friendship with Jesus looks like.

Our youth covers year 6 to year 13. Our overriding aim is for them to experience God so they develop their own faith and have fun doing so. This usually means games and food combined with a short biblical point followed by prayer in which we encourage the youth to ask God for pictures and words for each other.

Come and join us for an hour of wonderfully uniterrupted worship, prophecy and intercessory prayer.  We are meeting on-line via Zoom which is an interactive meeting platform @ 8pm, see you there!  Please email for a one click log in. People from other churches are more than welcome.  We believe the Lord has a bigger purpose for these meetings than just Connect Church. See Whats On for dates