But the Lord is in his holy Temple.  Let all the earth be silent before him.”  This prayer was sung by the prophet Habakkuk [according to shigionoth]:  I have heard all about you, Lord.  I am filled with awe by your amazing works.  In this time of our deep need, help us again as you did in years gone by.  And in your anger, remember your mercy. – Habakkuk 2:2-3:2 [NLT]


If Coronavirus has proved anything it is that, as humans, we are very weak and pretty powerless.  We find ourselves at the mercy of a microscopic virus without a brain as such.  The best planning of the richest countries in the world was not able to save us….  It’s very humbling for humanity…  For people who only saw us striding towards a global, scientifically innovated utopia it’s quite the wakeup call…  We arrogantly tend to think that we have it all worked out.  But we have been brought up short by a simple virus.

Habakkuk came to God looking for answers.  He got partial answers.  We don’t get full explanations from God when we go to him with a why question.  We get partial explanations and a question – do you trust me?  We cannot hope to grasp the fullness of an infinite God with our human finite minds.  In the end we run out of ideas and words and stand in silent awe before our amazing, majestic God.  He knows what is going on.  It’s enough.  It doesn’t need any commentary.  Silence is the right response…

We live in difficult times with some seriously tricky ground to navigate – He will make us as sure footed as a deer as we figure out a way through this.

Everything that was normal and predictable collapsed for Habakkuk.  His strength was not in fig trees or vines or olives or fields or flocks or cattle, but only in the LORD God.  Everything around us has changed too, but God hasn’t…  He’s immutable, to use a flash theological term to say He doesn’t change.  No matter how bad it gets, continue to rejoice in the Lord.  Continue to be joyful.  The Lord is our strength – he supplies all we need….



Good Friday

Normally on Good Friday we’d be meeting together with all the other local churches for a short service, but obviously that is not going to be possible this year.  Instead we will be bookending the day with a zoom at 9 am and another at 9 pm. 

We will be starting the day at 9:00 am with a short Family meeting – short talk from Dom, worship from Simon and prayers.

Then later on, at 9:00 in the evening, we will close the day with a live reading of the Passion of Jesus and his final prayers from the Gospel of John. 

The one click link for both meetings is:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/4484824201?pwd=N0U0V25PL3NySlFhN3dEV3FHK0cwQT09

Zoom Meeting ID: 448 482 4201  Password: wotcha


Easter Sunday…..

For a bit of fun we are urging everyone to wear an Easter Bonnet (any old hat will do) when you log in for the Easter Sunday meeting.  Also we will be taking communion during the meeting so have some red wine or juice ready and some bread too.

For next Sunday at 10:30 the one click link is:

https://us04web.zoom.us/j/112125775?pwd=aEs1Z1NzUmVadTRzUXQ3Q3ZwQjNJZz09   If you’re already on the Zoom App the Meeting ID is: 112 125 775, and the password: 249230.

Mini Kids Connect is a special Jules/Auntie Lise production on YouTube – the link is available from Lise or Jules or on the Mini Kids WhatsApp chat.

Kids Connect is live at 2:00pm on https://go.allstarskidsclub.com/go

Youth is on Zoom from 7:00 pm – ask Heidi or Dom for login details.

Please email info@connectchurch.org.uk if you need more details about any of these activities.


 Keep in Touch

It’s important to keep in touch with each other and maintain community even if we can’t physically all meet together.  There is a Connect Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ConnectChurch/ and a Connect Page at https://facebook.com/connectchurchchorleywood which we can use for general banter and chat.



(Senior Pastor) 


Welcome to the website for Connect Church Chorleywood.   Connect Church is a Christian Church based in Chorleywood, West Hertfordshire.  We are an eclectic bunch of fairly normal people trying to work out what it means to live as charismatic followers of Jesus at the start of the third millenium. 

To get a feel for the church check out this link to a short film that was made for our tenth birthday party.... here

Connect Church exists to help us all grow into the people that God intends us to be... to help us fulfill our God given purpose... to help us on our own journey through life as a faithful disciple of Jesus.

We meet as church at St Clement Danes School in Chorleywood every Sunday morning at around 10:30am for tea & coffee and then start about 10.40am.   Have a look at the directions page to see exactly where to find us. We will be in the Barbirolli Hall.

There is lots going on at the Connect Church in Chorleywood, so do check out the rest of the website particularly the Get Involved and What's On pages.   Why not pop in and see us on a Sunday morning - we love to meet new people. 

You can also follow us on Facebook just click on the following link and join our Facebook group or check out the daily Bible verse on Twitter @ConnectChurchCW.


Kids Connect is our Sunday morning 'church' for children aged 3 to 10 years old.  Our vision is to see children connecting with Jesus in a powerful and real way, and to connect and build friendships with each other.  We aim to provide a fun, safe environment to learn what true friendship with Jesus looks like.

Our youth covers year 6 to year 13. Our overriding aim is for them to experience God so they develop their own faith and have fun doing so. This usually means games and food combined with a short biblical point followed by prayer in which we encourage the youth to ask God for pictures and words for each other.

Come and join us for an hour of wonderfully uniterrupted worship, prophecy and intercessory prayer.  We are meeting on-line via Zoom which is an interactive meeting platform @ 8pm, see you there!  Please email info@connectchurch.org.uk for a one click log in. People from other churches are more than welcome.  We believe the Lord has a bigger purpose for these meetings than just Connect Church. See Whats On for dates