Pastoral Prayer Support


Pastoral Prayer Support

A new offering from Connect Church

What is it?

All too often we come to church with something on our mind and in our hearts that we want to deal with and maybe prayer time at the front is too short.  Perhaps the words of the talk suddenly impact your life days after the service and you want to pray through it.  Maybe you want prayer, but do not like going up the front - a lot of us don’t!  So, this is an opportunity for you to meet privately to talk through issues that you feel are keeping you from furthering your journey with God.

Who is it for?

Everyone who is a member of Connect from the age of 18.

How does it work?

We have a room that is available at Hillside Free Church in Chorleywood for a short course of sessions each lasting up to 1½ hours.  We will discuss what you have come for and then talk and pray our way through that issue and see what God says.  You will all be seen by Louise Dyer and if you are a man then James Roberts will also sit in. 

Is it confidential?

Absolutely 100%, between Louise, you and James. 

What happens if it becomes apparent that I need more help?

We will give you contact details for local Christian Counselling agencies and they will put you in touch with a Christian Counsellor, as professional guidelines don’t allow Louise to counsel anyone she knows.

How do I book?

Complete a form and hand it in to James or Louise.  These will be on the resources table upstairs by the door. 

Please take the time to think about what’s on your mind and in your heart. The service is free and it's amazing how much can be dealt with by The Lord in a quiet place in one session.