John 10:22-42

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Read John 10:22-42

Here’s another bunch of people who want clarity from Jesus.  But they don’t want an answer so that they can believe and submit to Jesus’ lordship but so that they can accuse. 

Jesus always displays such wisdom in his answers.  I guess he already knew what was in their hearts and so his answer was tailor made to fit the questioner.  To the disciples he revealed himself as the Messiah but to those seeking to accuse he left them with ambiguity.  He gave enough clues for those who were willing to exercise faith to recognise their Saviour. 

  • Is it possible to have the same wisdom as Jesus when answering questions?
  • In what circumstances is it right to be ambiguous?

 May we have the faith to recognise Jesus and the Messiah, God and our ultimate Saviour.



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