John 11:17-37

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Read John 11:17-37

Martha had faith.  She had faith that there would be a resurrection for all believers.  That was something the Jews generally believed.  That was easy; that was orthodox; that was a long way off!  Martha’s faith could not stretch to the here and now idea that Jesus was about to call here dead brother out of his tomb.  

Jesus is the resurrection; Jesus is the life!  Jesus can help it, everything he speaks to is suddenly infused with life, just as at the creation of all things.  How can Lazarus not be brought back to life?  It’s a given, isn’t it? 

  • Would your faith stretch to praying for a corpse?
  • Does your faith stretch to your own resurrection?
  • Why was Jesus angry? Translated as deeply moved in NIV but as a deep anger welled up within him in the NLT (v 33 & 38)

 May our faith in Jesus expand to fit the limitless resources of God!



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