John 11:45-57

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Read John 11:45-57

The Jewish High Council were operating with some faulty logic fuelled by their own preconceived ideas about Jesus and his mission.  They considered that the Romans would come and destroy the people and the Temple unless Jesus was stopped.  It’s unclear how they come to this conclusion, but they imagined they were protecting the people… and amazingly God, too…..!!  Surely if everyone believed in Jesus then it would have been some sort of utopian country – everyone loving God and treating their neighbour as themselves!  Who wouldn’t want to live there?  

Even by their own twisted logic they were colluding with the Roman occupying force to keep Jerusalem under control.  Political machinations and cosying up to the powers that be, come to nothing; in the end, God’s will is always done. 

  • It is not always easy to see God’s purposes being worked out.  Where are you struggling to see that at the moment?
  • Where are our own preconceived ideas about Jesus leading us to false conclusions?  [Difficult to know – agreed, but worth pursuing.]

 May we maintain our faith in God’s ultimate control over all that happens.


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