John 12:1-19

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Read John 12:1-19

There’s a massive contrast between Martha and Judas in today’s reading.  Martha takes the most expensive thing that she can think of, which turns out to be a bottle of perfume costing more than £20,000, and pours it over Jesus.  She does this as a loving act of grateful worship, wiping his feet with her hair and causing a disturbance.  Judas on the other hand was thinking about the value of the perfume and how much money he could trouser if it had been sold. 

There is a world of difference right there in those two attitudes.  Martha was in it for what Jesus had done for her and Judas was it in for what Jesus could do for him – very different things.  

  • How would you sum up their different attitudes?
  • Do you think we sometimes over sell the Christian gospel on what Jesus can do for us rather than what he has already done for us?
  • We are probably all a mixture of Judas and Martha.  When do you feel like Judas and when like Martha?

 May we value Jesus above everything else and not be afraid to show it!


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