John 13:1-17

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Read John 13:01-17

As Christians we easily fall in to the role of giving; we are comfortable in that place.  But here Jesus wants the disciples to receive.  Peter has trouble getting into the role as a beneficiary of grace and service.  Perhaps it was pride?  Perhaps it was a control and power thing?  Maybe the mental volte face was too much?  Surprisingly, it can be easy to walk in the role of dispenser of charity and grace and it can be hard to make the adjustment to recipient. 

But isn’t that the Christian message?  We are all unworthy recipients of God’s love and mercy poured out on us in the life and death of His son Jesus….. 

  • What stops you receiving?
  • Could Jesus wash your feet?
  • Could you accept a food parcel from the local church?

 May we be humble enough to let others serve us from time to time!


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