John 13:18-38

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Read John 13:18-38

Sometimes our belief in ourselves outweighs what we can actually deliver on.  Peter believes that he is happy to die for Jesus.  But it’s in Peter’s way – a glorious Bonnie and Clyde style shoot out; Peter and Jesus taking out the enemy.  Jesus’ way is a sacrificial loving, giving of himself.  Jesus gently reminds Peter that before the night is out he will actually deny that he even knows Jesus – not once but three times.  And yet within that denial are the seeds that will lead to Peter having the freedom to embrace Jesus’ way and, ironically, eventually lead to Peter’s death for Jesus. 

Judas had the same chance but he chose to press on with his own plans for self-enrichment rather than embrace Jesus’ plan.  Better to humbly abandon our own plans at an early stage and pick up Jesus’ perfect, life-enhancing plan for us. 

  • Are we really as sold out for Jesus as we think or are we simply overlaying our plans for our life?
  • Are we ready to do anything for Jesus?  What aren’t we prepared to do?  If I can be honest with myself, right there are the seeds to my own freedom……..

 May we have the humility to fully embrace Jesus’ plan for our lives.


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