John 1:35-50

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Read John 1:35-50

Andrew was quick to find his brother Peter and tell him about Jesus.  He was the first evangelist!  He found Peter and introduced him to Jesus.  Jesus looks at him and says you are called Simon, but you will be known as Rock.  Jesus speaks the future over Simon.  Jesus sees who Simon will become and speaks it into being even before there is any evidence.  Simon is anything but rock solid, but eventually filled with the Spirit he becomes all that Jesus said he would.  Peter’s story gives hope to us all.  Jesus wants us to change to become who we were always meant to be.  The Spirit supplies the power to change and step into all that the Lord has for us.


Church tradition holds that one of disciples of John the Baptist who followed Jesus was John and the other we know was Andrew.


  • Andrew and John stayed the afternoon with Jesus (v39).  What would you have done with that time with Jesus?
  • Why did Andrew and John want to see where Jesus was staying? (v38)
  • Why did Jesus’ words “I saw you under the fig tree” bring the response “Rabbi, you are the Son of God” from Nathanael? (v49)
  • Read Genesis 28:12-19.  What is Jesus hinting at here in verse 51?
  • Watford! Can anything good come from there?  Like Nathanael we have blindspots or prejudices which can potentially keep us from Jesus.  By definition they are hard for us to see.  Where do you think yours might be?  Chat it over with a friend who knows you well.


Now I become myself. It's taken time, many years and places;

I have been dissolved and shaken, worn other people's faces,

Run madly, as if Time were there, terribly old, crying a warning,

"Hurry, you will be dead before —"

(What? Before you reach the morning? Or the end of the poem is clear?

Or love safe in the walled city?)

Now to stand still, to be here, feel my own weight and density!

From Now I Become Myself by May Sarton


May we become more ourselves and who Jesus made us to be through the Spirit.


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