John 14:15-31

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Read John 14:15-31

Jesus tells the disciples that he is going to leave them, but he promises that he will not leave them ill-equipped.  Jesus promises to ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit so that he can be in every believer.  God will come and make his home with us and promises never to leave us.  The Temple in Jerusalem is no longer going to be the focus of earthly worship; the place where heaven intersects with earth.  Now it will happen in the heart of every believer – every Christian a walking temple. 

The Third Person of the Godhead actually living inside those who follow Jesus!  The very presence of God intimately involved and available to all who believe.  The power, truth, wisdom and peace of God right there, every second of every day.  We truly are walking temples; we just need to stay aware of that. 

  • Do you feel like a temple of the Holy Spirit?
  • How can we be more aware of God in us?
  • We show our love by obedience (v23).  Does that make sense?

 May we always remember that we are walking temples housing the very presence of God.


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