John 15:1-27

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Read John 15:1-27

Jesus says that we are no longer to think of ourselves as slaves but as friends.  This represents a change of mind-set.  Slaves are commanded and they do things.  They do not enter into the reasons for their actions, they just do them.  Slaves don’t hang out socially with their masters or mistresses.  Friends however come together because they enjoy each other’s company.  They confide in one another the reasons behind their decisions and actions.  Jesus calls us into just such a relationship; a great friendship in which he first chose us.  Jesus likes us.  Jesus wants to hang out with us.  Jesus wants to share our lives together. 

There is no better offer of friendship.  But sometimes we need to leave behind the slave mentality and walk in the new found freedom of friendship. 

  • In your mind what are the differences between a slave and a friend?  Make a mental note.
  • Do you feel more like a slave or a friend of Jesus?
  • How do you feel about the idea that Jesus likes you and enjoys your company?

 May we step up to the calling to be a real friend to Jesus and each other.

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