John 16:1-16

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Read John 16:1-16

The other day I went to buy some matching envelopes for my best white stationery.  I forgot to take a piece of paper with me so when the helpful lady asked did I want Brilliant White, High White, Diamond White, Fresh White or Natural White I plumped for High White as it looked very white to me!  It was only when I held them up next to the paper that they looked a rather grubby white in comparison. 

In comparison with other people we might be tempted to feel we are Diamond White, but against Jesus’ standard we will always look rather grubby!  When Jesus went back to be with the Father he left the Holy Spirit so that we would continue to have a proper yardstick against which to judge ourselves.  

“Judge ourselves” – it’s an important point.  We are not called to judge or compare against others; we leave the convicting of sin up to the Spirit.  God’s loving and timely rebuke is not something that people can match! 

  • Where did judging others get the Jewish leaders (v 2)
  • Do we allow the Spirit to convict us?  When was the last time that happened?
  • The Spirit will tell us about the future (v 13).  Do you find that comforting?

 May we have the courage to only compare ourselves with Jesus and not to judge others.

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