John 18:19-40

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Read John 18:19-40

I don’t understand! What is going on?  It’s all rather confusing for Peter stuck outside the house where his Lord and friend is undergoing a sham trail and a beating.  He had tried the muscle power sword thing but that had not gone down well.  What to do?  

People often criticise the disciples for running away and deserting Jesus.  But honestly what could they have done?  If they had chained themselves to Jesus – the best I can come up with – they would probably have died with him or perhaps before him.  Where then would have been the witness and the spread of the gospel? 

No, The Lord’s plan was unfolding.  It was just rather confusing for a finite human mind, stuck in the middle of it all, to comprehend.  I love it that The Lord’s plan even takes account of our failures and is still not derailed if we are humble enough to admit our mistake.  Good news for Peter.  Good news for me.  Good news for all who are confused and  disorientated!  Amazing! 

  • What would you have done stuck outside the house around the fire?
  • How do you feel when you don’t understand what the Lord is up to?
  • Do you feel that your mistakes disbar you from further kingdom exploits?

 May our faith in Jesus pull us through even when we don’t have a clue what is going on.

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