John 19:1-16

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Read John 19:1-16

Pilate had to deal with Jesus.  Jesus was an issue that was not going to go away.  We all have to “deal” with Jesus too.

Pilate’s initial approach was to dismiss the whole Jesus thing by passing him back to the people who had brought Jesus to him.  He wasn’t interested.  It didn’t work…..

He found out a bit about Jesus and started to get worried.  The next approach was a compromise – keep things as they were.  Jesus goes free and no harm done!  It didn’t work…..

Pilate finally realises that he has to make a decision.  Jesus is not going to go away and he can’t duck the issues.  Keeping Jesus alive could cost him his position, his standing in the community and his wealth.  On the other hand having Jesus killed didn’t seem to matter that much and would probably be a crowd pleaser.

We all face the same choice as Pilate; we can either let Jesus live in us or we kill him.  There really is no middle ground – it’s a good old fashioned dichotomy and both choices have their own consequences.


  • Have you made a decision about what to do about Jesus yet?
  • Is it possible to let Jesus live in one part of our life and kill him in another?


May we count the cost of following Jesus and allow him to live in all areas of our lives.

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