John 19:28-42

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Read John 19:28-42

You have to love God’s timing…..!  At exactly 3:00 in the afternoon Jesus says “It is finished” (Aramaic translates as paid in full) and breathes his last.  At exactly 3:00 the daily sacrifice was offered in the temple for the sins of the people.  At 3:00 this Friday the Jewish people would be also slaughtering their Passover lamb in preparation for the Passover meal in the evening.  God pulled all of that together as a sign to those who were looking.  

The implication couldn’t be clearer.  God was planning a new exodus where his people would escape slavery and death through the shedding of innocent blood on their behalf.  The Ultimate Passover Lamb had just been sacrificed.  There would no longer be the need for a daily sacrifice to balance out injustice.  In Jesus God had balanced the cosmic scales and satisfied the universal cry for justice once and for all.  It was indeed finished.  It was well and truly paid in full.  And all on that first Good Friday at three o’clock in the afternoon. 

  • Does God’s timing always seem perfect to you?
  • How would you have felt taking down Jesus’ body and preparing it for burial?
  • Why do you think Joseph and Nicodemus chose this moment to declare their faith in Jesus?

 May we have the faith to trust in Jesus’ perfect timing even when it doesn’t seem like it.

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