John 20:1-23

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Read John 20:1-23

The idea of someone coming back to life after they have been dead for a few days is difficult to get your head round.  For the Marys and the disciples it was a struggle that left them confused until they actually met the risen Jesus. 

I guess for all of us the resurrection seems unbelievable until we meet with Jesus.  Sometimes, like Mary Magdalene, we need to hear Jesus calling our name before it finally sinks in that Jesus is alive. 

Jesus came back to life on the day when the Jews celebrated the Feast of the First Fruits.  On this day the Jews would take the first fruits of the harvest and offer them to the Lord at the temple.  The resurrection of Jesus was offered to God, and found acceptable, as the first fruits of the harvest which was to come.  

As we meet with and choose to follow the risen Christ we ourselves are resurrected.  We die to the old way of life and become spiritually alive in Jesus.  Jesus’ resurrection was a validation and a guarantee; a validation of Jesus’ testimony and accomplishments and a guarantee that we can follow him through death into life. 

  • What do you make of Jesus’ resurrection?
  • Have you heard Jesus call your name?
  • Do you feel spiritually alive? 

May we experience the resurrection of Jesus as we step into life.

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