John 20:24-21:14

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Read John 20:24-21:14

Faith precedes belief.  A step of faith is the precursor to believing.  If you want to know if someone is trustworthy you might ask around, but eventually you have to put them in a position of trust.  If someone proves faithful it is because we invested our faith in them.  We would probably start with something small and then build up as the responses were positive. 

Thomas was blessed enough to start more than a few rungs further up the ladder of faith than any of us.  He got to actually poke Jesus’ wounds!  However the process is the same.  We start by taking a step of faith and when that checks out we take a bigger one next time as our confidence and belief in Jesus grows.  As the old saying goes mighty oaks from small acorns grow.  Eventually we hope to trust Jesus with everything that we have and all that we are. 

  • How is your faith in Jesus growing?
  • What could you do as the next step or rung on the ladder?
  • Why do you think Peter went fishing? 

May we be always pressing on in faith so that we can fully trust Jesus.


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