John 2:1-25

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Read John 2:1-25

Jesus told the servants to fill the stone jars with water, which they did; filling them to the brim.  This must have been rather puzzling to them since the immediate problem had to do with wine and not bathroom supplies.  Each jar held 75 to 115 litres of water, that’s between 100 and 153 bottles of wine in each jar.  There were 6 jars, so that’s between 600 and 920 bottles of wine!  Assuming 6 glasses to a bottle (12.5 cl), that’s between 3,600 and 5,520 glasses of wine.  In those days it was customary to dilute the wine with water in the ratio three parts of water to one of wine.  That’s between 10,800 and 16,560 glasses of diluted wine.  We don’t know how many people were there but surely there was more wine than they could possibly drink???

 Not only was Jesus very generous in the quantity of his provision but also in the quality.  But isn’t that just like Jesus?  Jesus will exceed your expectations. 

  • What is the point of changing water into wine at a wedding?
  • How does Mary model prayer for the Christian? (v3-5)
  • How would you feel as one of the servants?
  • Do you recognise the Jesus you know clearing the Temple?  What does this tell us about God/Jesus? (v16-17)
  • Is it okay to be angry?
  • Can we follow Jesus’ example by whipping people who insult God?

 Don’t let your faith in Jesus be limited by your experience.  May Jesus exceed our expectations today and always. 


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