John 4:27-42

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Read John 4:27-42

It’s another Wednesday for fasting in our Lent series.  Have you ever been so caught up in an activity that you simply forget to eat?  Or have you ever enjoyed doing something so much that it feels like it is nourishing your very soul?  We used to go away with church teams to minister to people in other churches.  Praying with people and seeing them healed was so invigorating that afterwards I felt full-up, replete, satiated.  When I read Jesus words to the returning disciples I believe I know how he felt.  The huge satisfaction of partnering with Father God in the business of fishing for men can overcome even natural desires such as hunger.  

It is a curious reality that we are nourished spiritually not only by what we take in, but by what we give out. 

  • Who are the others who Jesus refers to as having done the hard work? (v38)
  • What are the wages that Jesus is talking about? (v36)
  • How would you feel as someone from the village responding to the woman’s invitation?
  • In spiritual terms are the fields always ripe for harvest or are there seasons?
  • Why did John put this story here?  How does it fit in with the narrative?

 May we know the joy of partnering with the Lord on a fishing trip.


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