John 6:16-24

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Read John 6:16-24

The disciples set off without Jesus as he was taking too long……!  Pretty soon things started to go pear shaped.  A gale swept down on them and the sea got very rough.  Normally they would be sailing using the energy from nature but in this case it must have been a head wind because they had to row.  They were working physically hard to plough into a head wind and a nasty swell.  Then they see someone walking towards them through the storm and they are terrified!  It can be tempting to set off on your own, but things go much easier with Jesus.  The disciples literally took off in their own strength; rowing against the wind.  Once Jesus is allowed back on board they immediately reached their destination.  It is so much better to wait for Jesus even if He seems to be taking his time.  God’s timing is always best; He will not be rushed!

  • In what circumstances can we be tempted to leave Jesus behind?
  • Have you been tempted to set off without Jesus because things didn’t seem to be happening quickly enough?
  • How can we tell whether we are supposed to push on through hardships or whether our timing is wrong?
  • What can happen if we set off too early and what is the solution the disciples found?

May we always be led by Jesus and march in step with the Holy Spirit.


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