John 6:25-59

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Read John 6:25-59

There is a spiritual hunger in each one of us.  Just like physical hunger it is there to remind us that we need to eat; we need spiritual nourishment.  The only spiritual nourishment that will quench that hunger is Jesus….  “Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again” (v35).  Man always seems to be searching for the “next thing” which will make him happy or give meaning to his life – celebrity, house, kids, job, partner, money…..  There is only one thing that can satisfy; and that is the person of Jesus Christ. 

The Jews ate the heavenly manna which miraculously sustained them in their desert wanderings.  God again has provided manna from heaven, but this time in the form of a man called Jesus.  This manna goes way beyond just keeping people physically alive, he can keep you spiritually alive forever!  

  • What does it mean to eat Jesus' flesh and drink his blood?
  • What does the concept of eternal life mean to you?
  • Are you looking forward to eternal life or are you experiencing it now?
  • Is there anyone you know who is trying the “next thing” to whom you could offer Jesus – the bread of life?


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