John 6:60-70

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Read John 6:60-71

There’s a clip from the film An Officer and a Gentleman where Drill Sergeant Foley is trying to make Richard Gere who plays Zack Mayo quit.  He wants him to either buy in, or get off the navy pilot training course.  If you don’t remember the film here’s a link to the clip I am thinking of – the language is a bit rough, but I am sure you get the idea…  (DOR = "Drop on Request", a naval flying term for requesting termination of training.)  Under pressure from Sgt. Foley, and in a moment of self-realisation, Mayo confesses that he has nowhere else to go and nothing else in his life. 

Jesus is deliberately driving away those who are just in for the spectacle or the free food.  Jesus has a habit of testing our faith and often our answer – like Mayo and the disciples before him – comes through our realisation that “I got nowhere else to go.”  We have tasted and seen that God is good and Jesus is the best guide to life.  And although the road is steep and the path is rocky we are there throwing our hat into the ring for the next bit of the journey.  Really; where else would you go?  Jesus, you have got me! 

  • Have you ever felt like throwing it all in when it gets really tough?
  • What stopped you?
  • Why did some of the disciples turn back? (v 66)
  • Why does Jesus test our faith? (v 67)

May we all be sold out for Jesus; counting the cost and pressing on!


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