John 7:1-24

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Read John 7:1-24

A first glance it’s ironic that Jesus only ministered for three years, never wrote a book, never left Israel and made every effort to stay out of the limelight should have become as “famous” as he has!  In reality it’s a testament to the fact that God is ultimately in control.  Even with such unlikely beginnings God started a world-wide movement that still impacts people today.  If we are involved in anything that genuinely has the stamp of God upon it, we do not need to worry so much about promoting it, as staying humbly within God’s will.  If it is from God it will endure and be recognised as such by Godly people (v 17).  Worldly wisdom, such as espoused by Jesus’ brothers, has no place; God can handle his own PR. 

  • What must it have been like to listen to Jesus teaching in the temple? (v 14-15)
  • Why was it hard for Jesus’ brothers to believe in him? (v 5)
  • Where are we tempted to judge by mere appearances or tradition without looking deeper? (v 24)
  • The Jewish authorities controlled the people through fear (v 13).  What makes us fearful about speaking openly about Jesus?

 May we rest secure in the knowledge that God is in control and working out His purposes. 

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