John 7:25-44

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Read John 7:25-44

Although it is the nature of God to make Himself known, people do not naturally know Him (v 28).  They might believe in His existence, but they don’t know Him.  This, of course, is one of the reasons Jesus came – to make God known; to represent God in a human frame that we could all recognise and relate to. 

It is easy to know lots about someone without actually knowing them.  At the Christmas Day service we collected lots of facts about David Beckham, but it turned out that no one – with the possible exception of Simeon John – actually knew him.  The Pharisees were diligent in their studies about God, but neglected to actually get to know God.  If they had they would have recognised the one who He sent; Jesus.  

How do we get to know someone?  It is by talking to them, listening intently to them, spending time with them, sharing and confiding in them, trying to understand them…… to drink them in. 

  • Who do you think Jesus is? Prophet? Messiah? Good man? Historical character?
  • How well do you feel you know God?
  • What can we do to get to know Jesus better?
  • What does Jesus mean by streams of living water will flow from within us?

 May we take the time to get to know Jesus rather than facts about Jesus.



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