John 8:31-41

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Read John 8:31-41

The worst kind of prison is one where people don’t even realise that they are in captivity.  They have no freedom and their life and expectations of life are so limited but they can’t see it.  Coming to Jesus is like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show setting sail in his boat only to bump into the edge scenery.  He finally realises that he is not free and in fact every movement he makes is responded to in order to keep him captive. 

Until we come face to face with the truth in Jesus we often believe that we are free, but it is not like the real freedom that Jesus offers.  To use another film analogy it is like people in The Matrix before they are woken up and rescued.  They think they are living life, but in fact it is a shallow projected life which is “unreality” and no life at all. 

If the Son sets you free you are truly free.  But we need to hear and respond to the echoes and faint memories telling us that we aren’t free. 

  • In what ways are we slaves to sin? (v 34)
  • The truth sets us free (v 32).  How does that work?
  • Do we have room for the truth of Jesus (v37)?


May we always seek to live life in all its fullness and not settle for the life of lies and bondage.


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