John 8:42-59

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Read John 8:42-59

The Pharisees are so set in their belief that they can’t hear Jesus (v43) and again when confronted with the truth they naturally don’t believe it (v 45).  What does this say about our evangelistic endeavour?  Are there people who, no matter the amount of exposure to Jesus, will never listen to Jesus or believe the truth?  Jesus says that “Whoever belongs to God listens gladly to the words of God”.  I wonder should we be seeking out those who “belong to God” and then be walking with them back to Him? 

Who do you think you are?” (v 53) the Pharisees ask Jesus.  Jesus’ reply is quite clear from verse 58, “…before Abraham was, I am!”  Jesus thinks he is God.  I am = YHWH = Yahweh = God.  Now the question is do I believe him? 

  • Jesus is speaking out the ultimate reality but some people don’t believe it.  What do you think about Jesus’ claims?
  • Read Exodus 3:14 when God appears to Moses in a burning bush.  How does that help illuminate what Jesus is saying here?
  • Do you feel that you “belong to God”?  (v 47)
  • Jesus talks about knowing God (v 55).  How can we “know” God?

 May we have the courage and boldness to believe in Jesus.


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