John 9:1-12

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Read John 9:1-12

We want simplistic answers as to the reason why there is suffering in the world, however there is no simple answer to the question why.  Good actions are not always rewarded and bad behaviour is not always punished.  Jesus doesn’t seek to explain the reason why the man was born blind, he just extends the grace of God to him and restores his sight.  Whatever the reason for the man’s condition Jesus has the ultimate solution – sight for his blind eyes.  

Often we need to stop looking for a reason and invite Jesus to be the solution.  Stop asking why and ask Jesus to use us in the solution.  

  • Why do we feel we need the answer to the question why?....
  • When Jesus started making mud pies from spittle how do you think the crowd reacted?
  • Jesus alludes to spiritual sight and light as parables for the healing of the man.  Can you see any other oblique references?
  • Who is really “blind” in the story?

 May our faith take us beyond simplistic solutions into the heart of God’s purposes for the world.


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