John 9:13-34

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Read John 9:13-34

By this time the Jewish leaders had made up their minds about Jesus.  They were not open in their thinking and no amount of evidence was going to change their minds.  They had too much invested in Jesus NOT being the Messiah; a change would be too costly.  They had become so entrenched in their thinking that a U-turn was inconceivable. 

When we become so convinced of our own right thinking it is difficult for God to break in and correct us.  Pride makes us stubborn and in the end we are only looking for evidence to back up our position.  Perhaps the solution is to constantly invite God to nudge us back on course, so that a massive alteration of course is never needed? 

  • Where am I building an entrenched position on a given subject?
  • Am I allowing God free rein to change my views?
  • Is it ever right to be entrenched about certain ideas/principles?

 May we allow God to guide our hearts and minds and always be in step with the Spirit.

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