John C12:20-50

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Read John 12:20-50

God is speaking audibly, direct from heaven.  Imagine that; the audible voice of God just ringing all around you?  Surely that would be enough to convince even the most ardent group of atheists?  Nope, it turns out that some people are so wedded to their own view of the world that they force all new information to fit that paradigm.  It must have just thundered.  No need to panic; God didn’t just speak it was just a peel of thunder – albeit a rather funny one that sounded a bit like a voice.  No need for any changes to our world view.  No need for any life change.  God is not real.  As you were everybody! 

The only trouble is God did actually speak.  Jesus never fits into any paradigm that we can construct – he is so much bigger than our intellect.  Let’s be humble enough to alter our own theology (paradigm) whenever a new aspect of Jesus’ character is demonstrated to us. 

  • Have you ever heard God speak to you?  What did you do about it?
  • Can you remember the last time you up dated your theology (thoughts and belief about God)?
  • Has anything you read in today’s passage caused you to rethink your view of Jesus?

 May we be committed to constantly learning new things about our God and Saviour Jesus.


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