What to expect

"When the community of faith gathers the purpose is to equip its members for a life of love and good deeds when the community disperses." – Brian McLaren

tl_files/connectcentre/images/flag_bush.jpgWe meet every Sunday morning at St Clement Danes School in Chorleywood in the Barbirolli Hall - the big hall straight ahead as you come through the school gates. Normally people arrive some time before 10:30 and get involved with the tea/coffee/chat thing that happens.

As you enter the foyer of the Barbirolli Hall, you will find refreshments and you will probably see people getting Kids Connect ready in the Conference Rooms and hear the worship band warming up. In the foyer help yourself to the home-made bits and pieces such as flapjack, biscuits, cakes, but don't leave it too late or the kids swoop like a swarm of locusts and the plates are empty.....  There are plenty of kids and youth around so the atmosphere is quite lively.

The meeting starts at 10:30 with kids worship. Get fit and join in with the action songs if you are in the mood.  That normally leads into some musical worship for all ages, followed by an open slot for encouraging stories and notices.  The kids go out to Kids Connect and the youth head off to their own meeting after a while.  On a typical Sunday there is then a talk, after which there might be prayer and a time for questions.  followed by more musical worship. The meeting finishes at 12:30 so you can head home for some lunch.

The fourth Sunday in the month is a little different - you get to chose what you want to do.  On Choices Sunday we run a range of activities which includes just sitting around reading the free Sunday papers.  

If you would like to come but can't get there then get in touch and we will try and arrange a lift for you.


The youngest people at Connect have their very own space just next to the main hall to play, sing and learn about Jesus in a room full of wonderful toys, books, activities and music with  plenty of space for parents to sit and relax.

For more information on our creche, or to get involved, please email info@connectchurch.org.uk 

Kids Connect

Kids Connect is our Sunday morning 'church' for children aged 3 to 10 years old.  Our vision is to see children connecting with Jesus in a powerful and real way, and to connect and build friendships with each other. We aim to provide a fun, safe environment to learn what true friendship with Jesus looks like.


Fundamental to our vision is the belief that our children are not just the church of tomorrow, but a vital part of the church of today!
The focus of our fun centres around:

K - knowing God personally and knowing His word

I - involving friendship and involving discipleship
D - developing ministry and developing gifting
S - serving the church and serving the community.
For more information or to get involved with Kids Connect, email info@connectchurch.org.uk or pop along and visit us on a Sunday morning. We'd love to see you.

Youth @ Connect

“To develop and nuture a dynamic generation of young men and women who recognise how important their life is, what effect it can have and use it to further the Kingdom of God”

This is done through a process of encouraging young people to think for themselves, to ask questions and grapple with the hard things in life. Here at Connect we don't just want to keep young people in church until 18 but rather prepare them for life beyond school. We believe being rooted in scripture and empowered by the Holy Spirit with an encouraging and supportive web of people around them is a great recipe for creating disciples.

The challenge we have taken upon ourselves is to be exciting, vibrant, meaningful and culturally relevant all at the same time without diluting the message of Jesus Christ.

Choices Sunday

tl_files/connectcentre/images/kidswork.jpgThe fourth Sunday in every month is a little different from your normal church.  Most church services necessitate a high degree of passivity, but Choices is a chance to get interactive, proactive, attractive... in fact any 'active' you can think of.  

There is a range of activities to choose from.  Whether you are feeling reflective, meditative, argumentative, creative or even anti-social there is something for you.

The anti-social, tired, or "me time" people can read the free Sunday papers.  Don't worry we have ALL the Sunday papers of all possible political persuasions.

If you can handle something a bit more taxing then there is normally a selection of the following activities on offer:   a creative style activity - such as hebrew dance workshop or a  worship jam; a discussion on a current relevant topic ( sex education, musical lyrics);  prophetic treasure hunting; a guided meditation; a video clip and discussion.  The Youth often get involved in the activities while the groups for the youngest kids run as usual.